Gasolineras Libres de Andalucía


AGLA wishes to thank you for your loyalty with this new AGLA CARD PlusPremium

2013 Rewards Catalogue.

On behalf of AGLA I would like to thank our colleague Manuel Castro, Vocal of the

Governing Board, for his selfless work, because he has found time where there was

none to make this extensive Rewards Catalogue with all of his attention and

dedication. He has produced a very attractive and high quality Catalogue, which also

contains a collection of suggestions made by our clients.

AGLA is currently a brand image, the third largest group in Andalusia of Service

Stations operating under the same symbol.

AGLA is the forerunner of true competition, although the true situation of competition

in the sector is rather unreal, we have gone from a monopoly to an oligopoly. Five

large operators have cornered eighty per cent of the fuel retailers market, so our

suppliers are our own competitors.

AGLA has implemented new projects in order to adapt its services to the needs of

our Clients:

*The AGLA CARD is a credit card for the self-employed and SMEs.

*The AGLA CARD Aglasavings / Cash, is a card for paying in cash and with

bank cards, that accumulates monthly discounts and offers the possibility of

receiving a detailed monthly invoice pursuant to your requirements.

*AGLA APP is a new project for an application for the latest generation cell

phones. This app helps us find information on the closest AGLA Service

Station, which one has the best price, what products it sells, check points

balances, redeem points for rewards, check invoices issued or supplies


*We want to turn our website,, into a useful tool that

will serve the needs of our Clients. The current imperative demand for work,

housing or credit, makes us believe that we can do our bit, so we will include a

section where our associates can look at the offers and requests for jobs and

housing. If we can solve just one person's problems with this, we will be more

than satisfied.

AGLA is an Andalusian Association that is familiar and participates in the life of

Andalusians. Our brand is a synonym of quality and good service, respectful with the

environment, strict and compliant with regulations, with full dedication to our clients

and friends.



Warmest regards.


 José Cortés Rubio

President AGLA